Y e a r b o o k  &  D I a r y  2 0 1 4

We are proud to announce that we are currently working with CORI towards the launch of the Conference of Religious of Ireland inaugural Yearbook & Diary.  This brand new, dedicated and specifically designed publication will be supplied to all member congregations of the Conference of Religious of Ireland and circulated to all dioceses and clergy nationwide.  This leather bound, full colour Yearbook & Diary, while being unique in the relevance and breadth of its content, will also be the first of its kind in Ireland given that all CORI members and all clergy will receive it free of charge.

The aim for the Yearbook is that it will become the go to reference point for CORI members nationwide. In order to exceed the normal diary usefulness for ceremonies, appointments, etc. theConference of Religious of Ireland Yearbook & Diary will also provide a first ever county by county breakdown of useful services; from altar makers and altar wine to steeplejacks to vestments. It will also provide contact details for all members of CORI and for all Dioceses, both locally and nationally.

In order that we can ensure full usage and maximum market impact the Conference of Religious of Ireland Yearbook & Diary will be made fully available from November 2013.

This launch of this brand new product provides unrivalled access to a very specific audience nationwide and is a unique opportunity to promote your message and your company’s products on a daily basis for a full thirteen months across the country.  Our advertising space is genuinely limited and we feel it is fairest to allocate it on a first come first served basis.

Please confirm your spot early to ensure inclusion.

Frequency: Annual.
Readership profile: all members of CORI and for  Dioceses

If you would like to advertise in this publication, email our Advertising Manager
Or telephone 01 460 3615