Guerin Media has a substantial portfolio of publications. Our clients include the National Ploughing Association, Active Retirement Ireland, Bluebird Care, Media Box, The Carers Association, Shannon Airport, Cork Airport, Repak, Teagasc, CORI (Conference of Religious of Ireland ), and many more.

We produce catalogues that are commissioned and circulated in some of Ireland’s largest events, in addition to corporate diaries and magazines.

If you would like to discuss this, or any advertising opportunities in any of our titles, contact our  our Advertising Manager, Robert O’Connor or telephone 01 460 3615
Bespoke Publishing


Our award-winning publishing solutions have been recognised by our peers for its quality and creativity. Whether it be a magazine, newsletter, yearbook or diary, by combining engaging copy, typography and imagery, we ensure each publication has a clear personality and visual style. We create new publications or polish old ones into more memorable and engaging communications to help sell businesses more effectively.

Brand Development

We deliver brighter brands. Brands with clarity. Clarity of thought resulting from an understanding of business objectives, marketplace dynamics, competitive environment, aspirations and goals. With our knowledge of various sectors we are able to develop a brand and add value to a client’s business. Our designers think outside the box and can create a brand/corporate identity for you that will set you apart from your competitors.

Corporate Diaries

A high quality, well designed diary is an unbeatable promotional tool. Portable, durable and functional, it can position your name and message in front of people you want to reach throughout the entire year. Over the years, we have produced diaries for many of the largest and prestigious companies and organisations across Ireland, including Teagasc, Repak, Dublin City Councils, Guinness Staff, CORI (Conference of Religious of Ireland), and many more. No matter what your requirements are in a diary, your layout will be just as carefully designed around your needs as the cover, so it fits you perfectly.