The Missions Handbook

A Celebration of 1500 years

Ireland’s missionaries have for over 1500 years inspired so many to witness and share their faith and the Gospel.  They have brought the hope of the Gospel to people where there is turmoil, poverty, and uncertainty.

We at Guerin Media will be celebrating this milestone in Irelands Missionary History by producing for the first time a dedicated Handbook which will be distributed to all missionaries free of charge in March 2014. We will also distribute copies to all of the nearly 90 different congregations and societies as well as lay organisations who send men and women to spread the news.

The purpose of the handbook is to keep supporters and friends of the 1700 Irish born missionaries working in 84 countriesup to date with their amazing work and to promote awareness of the importance of mission.  Missionaries will be invited to contribute articles on their work and lives abroad.

  • We will have first person accounts of overseas communities being changed by Gospel values.
  • We will also seek to highlight the work of the church in training future priests and nuns in dioceses.
  • We will be contacting you soon to see if you can contribute with
    • information,
    • pictures,
    • articles,
    • news that can help make this a valuable publication for Irelands Missions.

Though this book will go FREE of charge if you are in a position to support our endeavours by advertising within please contact us.

If you would like to discuss this, or any advertising opportunities in any of our titles, contact our  our Advertising Manager, Robert O’Connor
Or telephone 01 460 3615